iDelegate's Features

Delegating Authority Made Easy

If you have a Delegation of Authority policy in place but still use pen and paper or other nonintegrated system to manage your delegation process, iDelegate will make it much faster, smoother and more efficient. If you have no such system at all, iDelegate will place you together with the best in class from the get-go.

iDelegate Visuals

Presentation & Access

Customisable to match your organisation's visualsStandalone access or single sign-on (SSO) through your corporate directory
Policies and delegations can be in local languagesDefault interface in English (translations possible)


Easily create and edit policies in visual editorExport policies in PDF format
Include financial and non-financial categories and authorities in your policies


Easily create and edit authorities in visual editorAttach hard limits to authorities in a currency or as a percentage
Designate authorities as 'responsible' if neededAttach global observations and/or RACI notes to any authority
Enable users to see who has what authority with which limitMark authorities as delegatable or reserved


Easily create first root delegation from any policyUsers can cascade their delegations up to delegated limit to their direct reports
Each individual delegation can be adjusted in real timeGrant, suspend or withdraw any delegation at any moment
Record user acceptance of their delegationsEnable users to temporarily reassign their delegations
Issue delegations in any currencyLimit further delegation of specific authorities to intended recipient only
Attach specific observations and/or RACI notes to any authority within any delegationExport delegations in PDF format
Hide specific delegations from view by system usersCreate role-specific template delegations for bulk assignment
Delegators and delegates can add optional comments when granting and/or accepting delegations Users can only cascade delegations which they themselves have accepted


Delegates receive delegations from their superiors and delegate to their direct reports Delegates only see their own delegations and those they are able to delegate
Delegates only delegate authorities which they themselves possess up to their delegated limitAuditors are able to review any delegation in the system but not change it
Create Committees which are able to delegate to individual usersEnable admin assistants to help out with delegations for other users


Notify users on delegation granting, suspending and withdrawalAlert delegates and delegators 30 days prior to delegation expiry
Remind users to accept delegation 7 days after its issueCustom notifications possible

Reports & Metrics

Easily review global user, authority, delegation stats in the admin and auditor dashboardsEasily review individual delegations received, granted and accepted (including team members) in the delegate dashboard
Export full delegated authority matrix in Excel formatCustom reports possible

iDelegate is perfect for

Internal Delegations of Authority | External Delegations of Power of Attorney | Standing and/or Ad hoc Committee Charters | Schemes of Delegation | Policies which need to be individually assigned

iDelegate supports your risk management efforts

iDelegate saves time

The iDelegate app appears simple in what it does because a lot of thought and effort has been invested into making it fit for its unique purpose. From technology stack to user interface, iDelegate is built on first hand experience of needing – and not having – a straightforward delegation app just like this.

Up to 7 Days
to deploy Delegations of Authority using iDelegate
Up to 180 Days
to deploy Delegations of Authority using pen and paper

Ready to reinvigorate delegation process in your organisation?

Risk reducing nature of clear authority delegation pays for itself in no time

One-off affordable pricing

iDelegate has three levels of one-off setup fee to customise and deploy your installation and train your administrators in its use*. Regardless of the level you choose, we will help you to set up your policies in the system and provide full support with answers and fixes.


Perfect to introduce a robust Delegation of Authority framework within a smaller organisation
  • 1 Delegation of Authority policy

  • Unlimited delegations

  • Unlimited users

  • User alerts on delegation issuance, suspension or termination

  • Download policy statements and individual Delegation of Authority letters


Suitable for a medium-size company looking to formalise and optimise its policy management
  • All 'Essential' features

  • + 5 policies

  • + Single sign-on user authorisation using an existing directory (e.g. Azure)

  • + Excel exports

  • + Alerts to users and delegators prior to delegation expiry


Great for larger businesses with a well developed policy framework and international presence
  • All 'Corporate' features

  • + Unlimited policies

  • + Delegate to/from Committees

  • + Delegations in multiple currencies

  • + Temporary delegation reassignment

  • + API access to iDelegate database

Detailed information on the iDelegate app

Help and Q&A

Consult User Guides. Read more on the iDelegate app and its features and benefits. Contact us to suggest new features and improvements.

Delegate / Delegator Guide

If you are a Delegate, this guide shows how to use iDelegate to its full potential to consult and accept your own Delegation(s) of Authority. If you are a Delegator as well, it will also show you how to assign, grant, suspend and revoke Delegations of Authority of your team members.

Auditor Guide

If you are an Auditor, this guide shows how to use iDelegate to view audit trail for Delegations of Authority in your organisation.

Administrator Guide

If you are an Administrator, this Guide shows how to enter and manage Delegation of Authority and other organisational policies, individual Delegations of Authority and users in the iDelegate app.

API Guide

If you are a Developer, this guide shows how to harness iDelegate API to retrieve its data programmatically for use in your application.