Delegation of Authority framework – Why implement one at all?

A staggering number of organisations do not have a robust Delegation of Authority framework in place. This puts them at a considerable financial, operational and legal risk. It is certainly wrong to think that only large organisations require a DOA framework. In fact, any organisation employing more than one person would benefit from clearly delineating limits of authority for each individual.
This article lists just 3 very compelling reasons to make sure that your organisation has a robust Delegation of Authority framework in place as soon as possible.

Delegation of Authority software – What are its advantages?

In some organisations delegations of authority are issued by hand once a year. In many more they are issued on appointment (perhaps as part of the job description) and never updated again. In even greater number of organisations they are not issued at all. Clearly, this can put organisations and their Directors at considerable financial and legal risk.
Using Delegation of Authority software can help reducing these financial and legal risks by fostering compliance and accountability at all levels of the organisation.