How secure is the iDelegate app?

iDelegate is built with Laravel, easily the best of the latest generation of web frameworks based on the PHP language. Laravel is often the recommended PHP framework for mission-critical applications. It makes PHP applications secure through robust authentication and input validation and protects them against many serious security risks such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery and cross-site scripting.

What are iDelegate installation options?

Most organisations have rules on how they approach software installation and use. iDelegate is very flexible in how it can be configured and run. Major options include running it on our servers, on client servers, or meeting halfway.

Who are the actors in the iDelegate app?

Actors in software design are not individual people but roles doing different things. A concrete individual may have several roles but their use of a software system is governed by the role they are performing at the moment of such use. In iDelegate, there are four actors.